Royal Grand Huts

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Client Mr. Simotics
Date Fall 2012

Upon entering your new hut you feel a rush of calmness come over you as you smell the thatch roofing and feel the large bamboo framing - transporting you and your guests to an island oasis where you leave the modern world behind. Whether you place it on a pool deck or in your backyard garden it will create a destination everyone will want to hang out in. Built with kiln dried bamboo from several regions around the world and quality thatch roofing you can be sure this gem will last for years. The thatch roofing is watertight and will last 5-7 years without issues. Many bamboo structures around the world are hundreds of years old.

Starting with the 14’x16’ structure you can customize it to fit your needs. Many options are available with this design including awnings, deck/porches, railings, lighting, screening, doors and interior décor. We can even have custom tikis hand carved for your temple. The options are unlimited for those with limitless imaginations. Fully functioning bars can be built within the structure including plumbing and electrical outlets for your blender or juicer. The sturdy loft area that will hold up to 4 adults, or a full sized bed for sleeping. If you need a larger hut…not a problem, just call the Rancher to schedule a free consultation.