About The Tiki Rancher

Tiki Rancher was born out of the love of bamboo and thatch structures – huts of the South Pacific. The Rancher studied and researched the best methods of primitive construction to come up with modern designs that are built to last. The Rancher goal is to create special destinations that will transport you to a world of relaxation, peace and serenity. Our Mission is to design using only natural sustainable materials and build with the highest quality to insure beauty and architectural integrity.

About the Rancher

Frank Simotics is "The Rancher", an artist that has worked in many mediums including, sculpture, painting, furniture and interior design. Considering himself a purist, he goes all out – simply liking something is not enough, he needs to immerse himself into the lifestyle and culture. His passion flows into all areas of his life. From collecting vintage Cadillacs to hand carving his own tikis, The Rancher lives the life - Tiki Style.